Ripollès region

Ripoll (Girona, Spain) is one of the most emblematic gates to the Pyrenees of Girona. Capital of Ripollès Region, it has a medieval history closely linked to the Portico of the Monastery of Santa Maria de Ripoll, a UNESCO World Heritage candidate.


The municipality

Ripolles Region

The region of Ripollès is characterized by its pastures and mountains where herds of foals, cows, sheep and goats maintain a deep rural character and a unique landscape to get lost and discover nature in its purest state. The Natural Park of Les Capçaleres del Ter i del Freser is one of its main tourist attractions.

Its gastronomy is closely linked to livestock activity, both beef and dairy. The mountain cuisine linked to the local product is one of the main reasons to know Ripoll and its territory. The essence of its mountains makes Ripollès a unique place to discover its exuberant nature, its cultural wealth and its gastronomic virtues.

The cheese

Ripollès cheeses are regulated by the warranty mark “Product of Ripollès“, which guarantees the origin of the products that are part of it. In the case of cheeses, a wide range of products are made using traditional methods, from raw or pasteurized cow’s milk, goat’s milk or sheep’s milk produced in their dairy farms or in others, preferably from the nearby territory.

Each dairy produces a different type of cheese based on its tradition and innovation. In addition to this, most of them, also produce other dairy products typical of the area, such as fresh cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, custard flan and flan, cheesecake and cream cheese. Each producer has a different range of products, all of them with excellent quality and very linked to the mountain territory where they are produced.

The European Cheese Fair of Ripollès takes place on September 21 and 22.


The European Cheese Route Association develops different projects related to the agri-food and tourism sectors.

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