Castelo Branco

The Municipality of Fundão (Castelo Branco, Portugal) is located between the Sierras of Gardunha and Estrela, embroidered with landscapes of unique colours, which contain magical places full of forts, temples, castles, palaces and the enigmatic historical villages.


The municipality

Castelo Branco

Its agrarian tradition, linked to the production of fruit, oil, wine and cheese, makes it an ideal area to discover its products and gastronomy.

All this creates a cultural heritage that entwines nature and history. An area full of great surprises for those who visit, taste and enjoy it.

It is necessary to emphasize the attractiveness of the flowering of the cherry in spring, that covers the fields with a white mantle. Fundão is a land of cherry.

In Fundão local products are evidenced by their history and tradition. The know-how, transmitted over several generations, leads to the development of genuine and high-quality products in a range of unique palates.

The cheese

In Fundão, different cheeses are produced, all marked by the character of the Serra da Gardunha, its pastures and its shepherds. They are artisan cheeses full of history and tradition, all of them based on Merino sheep’s milk and Charnequeira or Serrana goats.

  • Cheeses from Beira Baja PDO, yellow: produced with sheep’s and goat’s milk, and with rennet of animal origin. Cured cheese, semi-hard or semi soft pasta, has a yellowish tone, with an intense and clean flavour, slightly acidic.
  • Cheeses from Beira Baja PDO, spicy: produced from raw sheep´s and goat´s milk. It has an active and intensely pungent aroma, it has a greyish colour, semi-hard to hard paste.
  • Cheeses from Beira Baja PDO, Castelo Branco: produced from raw sheep’s milk. Cured cheese, semi-hard or semi-soft pasta, presenting a yellowish hue.
  • Goat cheese: Produced from raw goat’s milk. Cured cheese, semi hard pasta, with a cure of more than 30 days.

Different activities are held around the cheese culture as the Cheese Fair in Soalheira and the Chocalhos or Festival Caminhos da Transumância, in Alpedrinha.


The European Cheese Route Association develops different projects related to the agri-food and tourism sectors.

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