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European Cheese Route Association

The European Cheese Route Association was founded in 2014 with the aim of joining efforts from different European local entities to make cheese a strategic axis of local economic development. The European Cheese Route Association defines, implements and promotes the European Cheese Route Project and also boosts the strategic agents of the territory to participate and bring to life an innovative tourist product, based on a unique itinerary of sensations in Europe.

Currently, the European Cheese Route Association is made up of 19 cheese-making Municipalities from 9 European Regions. Our major projects are aimed at the agri-food and tourism sector, with the common goal of boosting rural territories in which we live, from the discovery of its multiple local resources. Among many other things, we share best practices, we generate innovative ideas, implement pilot projects, exchange strategies and enrich ourselves with networking.

European regions


Cooperate to articulate the local development strategies of our territories.


Enhance the relationship between the agri-food and tourism sectors.



Bring together

We seek to bring together cheese-making municipalities around collaborative spaces and joint work with local development as a transversal and main axis.



We want to preserve the identity, culture and historical and gastronomic heritage of the environments in which our cheeses are produced.



The project seeks to generate wealth through the promotion and marketing of a tourist product that gives an external projection to the cheese-making municipalities.



Our goal is to ensure the product, maintaining livestock and milk production and promoting the incorporation of young people into the sector.


The European Cheese Route Association develops different projects related to the agri-food and tourism sector.

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New members

The European Cheese Route Association is open to collaborations and new incorporations of municipalities, counties and territories. If you want more information about the project, get in touch with us.