Why should you taste it only with one sense, if you can enjoy with all of them

New horizons

The path is made by walking and ours is full of experiences with the name of cheese. Experience them and create your own story discovering the magical places that are born from the essence of the earth and that vibrate in the gaze of its people. Women and men who make it possible for you to feel the passing of time in every bite of their precious delicacy…

The association

The European Cheese Route Association, was born with the aim of creating a European network of tourist destinations based on the world of cheese. Our partners are local entities with full will to value the territory from the creation of the European Cheese Route, the cheese destination par excellence in Europe to discover, taste and experience the world of cheese from multiple perspectives.

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We are cheese-making territories. We live and feel the cheese as an essential part of our daily life. The infinite variety of European cheeses unites us in diversity and gives us arguments to work together. We commit ourselves with all the people who make it possible for each one of our cheeses, because we believe that the future of our territories walk hand in hand with an innovative agri-food sector full of life.

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We work to generate rooted innovative projects in our cheese-making territories. The quality of life of our people is the essential argument of our projects. Without shepherds and farmers there are no pastures or herds, without them, there is no milk and without milk there is no cheese. We need to strengthen all the socio-economic sectors working in the cheese sector so that the territory does not weaken.

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