The European Cheese Route Association bases its work on the cooperation projects of its partners. The motivation for sharing, learning and experimenting, brings us together in the articulation of innovative projects that stimulate the socio-economic activity of our municipalities. The European Cheese Route identifies us as our common strategic project, to which we add multiple complementary projects that have the world of cheese as an argument.

We want the European Cheese Route to become a European Cultural Itinerary, and we are aware that we must work together to create a dynamic network which can bring together the different cheesemaking territories in its diversity, a fundamental value to cooperate. We are convinced that the cheese path has a long way to go and that is why our partners participate actively to reach our goal.

Agri-food sector


We want the people who make possible the magic of the cheese, to be happy with their daily work and by those we work on projects that improve their quality of life. Improving pastures, implementing new production methods, creating appropriate computer tools or opening innovative marketing channels are some of the actions included in our collaborative projects.

We want the agri-food sector to be attractive to new generations of people who are motivated to live in the rural world and to work in contact with the land and its products. We have the responsibility to facilitate the path to those who want to travel with a local, sustainable and optimistic look. If we want cheese, we need people who love the world of cheese.

Strengthening the cheese value chain and the agri-food sector.

Promote the generational replacement to ensure the future of the product.

Develop training, recruitment and learning tools.

Tourism sector


We want the tourism sector to offer the highest quality and be able to value all the resources of the Territory. To train and educate our experts; to improve the tourist offices, to innovate in interpretation centres, to promote gastronomic days and to boost the local agri-food fairs. These are some of the actions that are included in our collaborative projects.

We want our cheese-making territories to tell what they are and what they feel. We want the people who come to our villages to discover the essence of cheese in the hands of its real protagonists through unique experiences of experiential tourism. Discovering the European cheese roots is part of our tourism products excellence.

Promotion of the tourist destination through experiences that value the cheese culture.

Creation of a European network of tourist destinations related to cheese.

Promotion, marketing and deseasonalization of the tourist offer.

Municipalities and cheeses

The European Cheese Route Association brings together 19 cheese-making municipalities from 9 European regions with a common goal: to boost the agri-food and tourism sector. Get to know all the municipalities and cheeses that are already part of our network.

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