Peñamellera Alta


Peñamellera Alta (Asturias, Spain) is a beautiful municipality in which nature shows all its beauty between the sea and the mountains. The Cares River Gorge and the valleys of Rozagas and Arangas stand out, as well as the Protected Landscape of Sierra del Cuera, as well as the wonderful landscape located in the foothills of Sierra de Andara in Picos de Europa. An ideal area for nature lovers.


The municipality

Peñamellera Alta

Peñamellera Alta is a fully livestock municipality, especially beef cattle, an activity that, together with rural and active tourism, boosts the local economy. The production of artisan cheese is a perfect complement to strengthen the agri-food sector and maintain the tradition of the Mountains in Asturias. It is a unique place to get lost among landscapes of great natural value and where you can find authentic gastronomic treasures, led by cheese and accompanied by cider, honey and beef.

The cheese

Peñamellera Alta cheese is made in the municipality that gives it its name. Pasteurised cow’s milk is used, and in some cases goat or sheep’s milk is added, to nuance the flavours of the cheese. They are milks from cattle that graze freely in the mountains and that give the cheese some unique nuances depending on the season of the year.

One of its peculiarities is that the cheese is presented in small pieces that can dry on hazel sticks, fact that makes its crust maintain the shape of the grids. The crust reaches a yellowish color in the drying process and is then, when it gets the right ripening point. The taste is intense and, in some cases, a little acidic, even with small bitter reminiscences. The texture in the mouth is soft in the tender cheese and firmer in the cured.


The European Cheese Route Association develops different projects related to the agri-food and tourism sectors.

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