Northern Municipalities of Gran Canaria

Canary Islands

The Association of Northern Municipalities of Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria, Spain) is constituted by the Municipalities of Agaete, Artenara, Arucas, Firgas, Gáldar, Moya, the Village of San Nicolás, Santa Maria de Guía, Teror and Valleseco, which are located in the northwest of the island of Gran Canaria.


The municipality

Canary Islands
Northern Municipalities of Gran Canaria

The Northern Region of Gran Canaria is a beautiful territory, full of contrasts, that perfectly combines the fresh breeze of the coast with the steep reliefs that shape the deep ravines, forming a unique and diverse landscape, being a part of the World Biosphere Reserve Territory.

The variety and quality of local products praise a gastronomy with its own name: Guía Cheese, Agaete Coffee, Teror Chorizo, Arucas Rum, Moya Cakes, La Aldea Tomato, Gáldar Onion, Firgas Cress, Valleseco Cider or Artenara Potato Bread.

The cheese

The Cheese PDO Flor de Guía and Guía Cheese are produced in three municipalities of the north-west region of Gran Canaria: Galdar, Moya and Santa María de Guía. It is a fatty or semi-fatty cheese, mainly made with Canarian sheep’s milk, allowing the mixture of sheep’s milk with that of other species. It comes in three varieties: Flor de Guía Cheese, Media Flor de Guía Cheese and Guía Cheese

The cheese has a very marked seasonality and is deeply rooted with the traditional production system. This characteristic is fundamental and marks the period of production between the months from January to July. This temporality gives the cheese a unique identity linked to tradition, to the rhythm of herds and shepherds, and to a rich and varied vegetation, with endemic species and high-quality pastures that gives milk some characteristics that only the territory it can impregnate.

The Fair of Flor de Guía Cheese is held every year during the month of April.


The European Cheese Route Association develops different projects related to the agri-food and tourism sectors.

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