Casar de Cáceres


Casar de Cáceres (Cáceres, Spain) is located on the Vía de la Plata, just 10 kilometres from Cáceres, a UNESCO World Heritage City. The agrarian tradition linked to the production of milk and the raising of livestock is what defines Casar de Cáceres as a municipality with a marked agrarian character.


The municipality

Casar de Cáceres

Among its tourist attractions, Los Llanos de Cáceres and Sierra de Fuentes stand out, a Special Protection Area for Birds, where you can observe steppe birds. We must also point out the passage of Vía de la Plata, attractive for pilgrims who can enjoy Casar de Cáceres on their way.

The jewel of the municipality is the Torta del Casar, an identifying feature of the Casareña population. To discover it, we recommend a visit to the Cheese Museum at Casar de Cáceres and to the Interpretation Centre of the Shepperd Culture, to learn about the history and the elaboration process, as well as visit their cheese dairies and tastings at their restaurants.

The cheese

PDO Torta del Casar Cheese is a natural cheese, made using traditional methods based on raw sheep’s milk from controlled herds, vegetable rennet and salt. The geographical area of both milk production and elaboration of Torta del Casar is in Cáceres, in the region of Los Llanos de Cáceres, Sierra de Fuentes and Montánchez.

The cheese has a light and thin crust, and its main characteristic is its highly creamy texture, which identifies it and gives it its own character. It is an artisan product that maintains the tradition of the shepherds and cheese makers of the area, and that enriches a unique gastronomy based on this excellent cheese. It is recommended to consume it at the right temperature to delight its exquisite texture.

Torta del Casar Week takes place on the first weekend of October.


The European Cheese Route Association develops different projects related to the agri-food and tourism sectors.

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